Learn To Ride

Ready to begin your journey? We can't blame you. It's simple and easy to get onto a motorcycle, as long as you're 16 or over, there's four licence categories depending on your age and ability, or even the option of a CBT, which offers a temporary licence for 2 years. The choice is yours. We've selected a range of learner friendly bikes on the link below, so you can weigh up your options for both the A1 and temporary CBT qualification.




Motorcycle Licence

Minimum age 16

Mopeds up to 50cc but not exceeding 28mph


Motorcycle Licence

Minimum age 17

Motorcycles up to 125CC and 11KW (15BHP)


Motorcycle Licence

Minimum age 19

Ride any Motorcycles up to 35KW (47BHP)  


Motorcycle Licence

Minimum age 21*

Ride any Motorcycle of any CC and BHP

*Minimum age is 21 as long as the rider has passed their A2 test at 19 and held the licence for two years without any disqualifications. Without passing A2, the minimum age is 24.


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View our learner legal A1 Licence motorcycles

We've highlighted all of our A1/CBT licence friendly motorcycles to make it easier to browse when you're looking to start riding. As long as you're 17, you'll be able to ride all of the motorcycles selected on any of the links below. If you're 16 and using an AM licence, please note that you'll only be applicable to ride the 50cc models. Our choices? We love the Honda CB125F for it's nimble agility and big bike styling, the Suzuki GSX-R125 for inheriting true GSX-R DNA and the Yamaha X-MAX 125 for it's powerful, beautiful looks.