Learn next level skills, get £500 towards a next level bike

A powerful bike needs a skilled rider. And if you book a step up course at one of our Honda School of Motorcycling locations across the UK, our special offer can get you closer to owning a Honda bike of your own.

Raring to go?

Register online today and we’ll make getting your hands on a new, more powerful, bike even easier. With our step up course you'll learn everything you need to start riding a bigger bike in no time. Under the guidance of expert instructors, you'll work your way up to an A2 or A licence. If you register before 30th November 2019, not only will you get a nationally recognised licence, but we’ll give you £500 towards a new bike.

How does it work?

Simply fill in our online form and register for your unique code before the 30th November 2019. Quote your unique code to your local dealer when booking a course. Pass our Step Up course before 30th November 2019.

Bring your pass certificate and quote your unique code to your local dealer. Receive £500 towards any new Honda bike above 125cc if registered by 30th November 2019.

Build On What You Know

The best riders are made by experience. So you’ll be on a bigger bike from day one, learning as you go under the watchful eye of an expert instructor

By day two you’ll be out on the open road. When you’re ready the instructor will ride with you to the DVLA to take your Mod 1 off-road test. After passing you’ll be back out on the road for your final day of training, getting ready to take your Mod 2 on road test.

Why Pick A Honda School?

Get advice on the course before you purchase. Courses are based working in partnership with Honda Dealerships. No hidden fees or extras (initial test fees, insurance and fuel included). Learn more about the Honda range from our knowledgeable team.