Mon, 06 Jan 2020

World-beating litre performance boosted beyond belief with the new Kawasaki Z H2

Unrivalled for its monstrous performance, the original vision of the H2 has extended far further than the constraints of its original frame, moving forward throughout the range and spreading its supercharged influence to an array of new models, but none as refined and sharp as this. Timeless Sugomi style meets with the incredible and rich history of the Z range, stretching back almost 50 years. So what's in-store for the new Z H2?

Incredible supercharged performance leads the range into the future as the new flagship. A beautifully sharp frame exudes signature Kawasaki DNA with its muscular stance. Elegant, strong and powerful, the clean edges lead you through the conditions you face with confidence. A full TFT screen lays at the front, seated neatly into the head, offering crystal clear information for riders enabling their domination to be effortless. 

Available in three gorgeous colour, you can choose your accent that defines your style - do you choose a deep, blood red to channel your aggression and power? An electrifying and refreshing Kawasaki green clean line to showcase your heritage? Or do you fully embrace your stealth and lie in the shadows - at least until you twist the throttle.

Find out more about the all-new Kawasaki Z H2 here on our website or speak to our team today to learn more and make your next journey more thrilling than thought possible.