Mon, 06 Jan 2020

The perfect fusion of power and elegance - the all-new Panigale V2

Incredibly muscular while remaining agile and compact, the new Panigale V2 brings its essential design and clear-cut lines to aspiring Ducati riders who wish to take on competition without compromise. At its core, the smaller twin-cylinder Superquadro engine tucks itself neatly inbetween the steel Trellis frame, offering up 955cc of Superquadro power for all-thrills riding performance.

Beautiful, intricate and sturdy; the fairing offers a new "Double Layer" look, with a main base layer that extends upwards and merges flawlessly into the tank via two sturdy struts and a secondary layer that also acts as an air vent. Reviving and reinventing the clean lines you've come to expect from a typical Ducati sports bike. The underside blends into the under-engine silencer, which finishes as an extremely compact right-side end pipe.

Performance like this doesn't have to be damaging - in fact, the new Panigale V2 offers a very economically friendly ride with a fully Euro 5 compliant engine. The new silencer offers a complex internal layout that equalises back pressure which stops noise spikes more easily. While its complexity offers an advanced silencer, the weight remains low and has actually shaved off weight compared to other models.

If you're ready to see what incredible, lightweight sport performance looks like, look no further than the all-new Panigale V2. See it here on our website and learn more about the way your riding could be enhanced.