Wed, 17 Aug 2022

Rethink DCT: Honda’s revolutionary Dual Clutch Transmission

Launched in 2010, DCT technology, unique to Honda Motorcycles, has evolved into one of the most advanced power transmissions on 2 wheels today. With a choice of Manual and Automatic modes at your fingertips, you’ll never lose that exhilarating connection to your bike – on or off the road.

Dai Arai, chief engineer Honda DCT

"The biggest thing for me is how much brain bandwidth DCT frees up to use on what is most enjoyable about riding – cornering, looking for the right lines, timing your braking and acceleration."

How DCT works

DCT does so much more than change gear. To explore the engine’s performance and connect to the ride opt for Manual, while Automatic modes, such as Drive and Sport, anticipate your every move. The hydraulic 2-clutch package has the next gear already engaged up or down whichever programmed mode you choose. 

Honda’s unique trigger shift

Transform your riding experience as DCT has replaced hand clutch and foot levers with a clean and clear up/down trigger shifter on the left handlebar. It’s just as much fun but you’re in full control of both Automatic and Manual modes without needing to coordinate hand and foot to change gear.  

DCT is all about choice

Do you want that full control a manual gear shift delivers, or are you happy to let DCT do the work for you? With this unique gearbox, you have the freedom to choose.

Focus on freedom

Select one of the Automatic modes and concentrate on the joy of riding while DCT does the shifting for you.

Flexible technology

Customised for all kinds of capability, from commuting to touring and off-roading, DCT is adapted to suit bikes across the Honda range.

Full control with Manual mode

Choose Manual mode and enjoy using the trigger shifter to change gear for an engaged and precise response.

Low speed balance

Whether you’re pulling away from the lights, starting on a steep hill or negotiating the car park, DCT keeps you in full control.

Durable engineering

DCT is as tough and efficient as any manual gear box with robust steel gears built to last. 

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