Tue, 14 Mar 2023

Nick Sanders Cinema Tour: The Final Ride

Exclusive screenings announced of Nick’s Ténéré 700 feature film
Saturday 25th March - 7pm til 10pm
Entry - £5: To Include Refreshments & Snacks

Adventure rider Nick Sanders MBE is a prolific world traveller who has circumnavigated the globe by motorcycle eight times, successfully completing his most recent round-the-world attempt in June 2022 on board his Yamaha Ténéré 700. 

Fresh off the back of cycling 6,000km from Nordkapp in Norway to Tarifa in Spain on our Wabash RT eBike, Nick has announced a series of exclusive screenings of his new feature film, The Final Ride, for 2023. 

Shown only at select Yamaha dealers across the UK, this new 80-minute feature film will explore the strange reality of a person motorcycling around the world, with his beloved 2019 Yamaha Ténéré 700 at the heart of the story. 

“You see, 99% of a journey like this is ridden alone. It’s just you and the bike. This film is an observation of someone spending months riding solo, unsupported, far away from home.”, Nick says. 

The Final Ride is a must-see glimpse into the world of an experienced adventure bike rider who has clocked over one million kilometers across the globe and set several Guinness World Records. “Things do crop up on journeys like this. For example, I didn’t know how to handle a bike in the sand, but I learnt how to tip the bike over and wiggle it free. For a lot of people, this would have been a problem but when you’re on your own with no one around to help you, you just deal with it.” 

It’s also worth knowing that everything you’ll see in The Final Ride has been captured and edited by Nick alone, resulting in a truly authentic film about the gritty realities of circumnavigating the globe onboard two wheels. 

You won’t be able to see The Final Ride online for at least 12 months, so be sure to book your place for a fantastic evening of exclusive motorcycling cinema, plus chats and a Q&A session with the man himself. 

Ticket information is available listed on Nick’s Website (below) which will have more screening dates coming soon. If you have specific questions about the tour, please contact Nick directly at  

To book please call 01752 485000

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