Fri, 09 Aug 2019

Born to make a comeback.. the XSR700 XTribute

A machine so grand that its inspirational predecessor changed the entire face of the motorcycle world back in the late 70s, the XSR700 XTribute takes aim at riders looking for a wonderfully vintage yet thrilling machine. Light, simple and fun to ride - just as the original XT500 intended.

Truly iconic, the aesthetic feeds that retro urge with its unique colour scheme, effortlessly combining a sleek silver with beautiful red, and gold accents. Slim yet able to hold its own. Fitted with a range of exclusive scrambler equipment, enabling your ride to feel truly functional in any environment you decide to put it through its paces in.

Specially featured on this machine are an XT-style flat seat, with chunky footrests, plus off-road handlebars and fork gaiters that compliment the timeless scrambler style. Thanks to the powerful 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine, the lasting impression left by the XSR700 XTribute speaks for itself.

To discover more, click here to see the XSR700 XTribute on our website, or pop in-store today to see the bike for yourself. Our team are on hand to help you start your journey.