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 Shoei is a motorcycle Safety Helmet company that started in 1959, and rapidly dominated the U.S, And soon the world in motorsport Helmet safety. It was quickly  recognised as the worlds leading manufacturer hand crafting each Helmet to a high degree of quality. 

Shoei is Still one of the Leading Brands for helmets addorned by Many Professional riders and Bikers world wide. Loved by many for their quality in comfort and noise reduction at high speeds, and their overall functionality mixed with current stylish designs. We have a Large range available in store stocking many sizes available for all, Fitted by Our Credited technicians, in the clothing department to get a comfy well fitting helmet.



Motorcycle riding is the most intense way to experience your own movement. Every sense is flooded with impressions. The new Shoei GT-Air with it´s perfect functions and features gives you the possibility to explore this experience even more.


Enjoy an exceptional riding experience and the stunning aesthetics of the new Shoei GT-Air.


X-Spirit II

When the flag drops it triggers an adrenaline surge that unlocks all the rider's skills, his willingness to take risks and his ability to test his body’s reserves to the limit. He is thinking fast and straight, and he can take decisions in a matter of milliseconds that make the difference between winning and losing, taking a fall or passing the finishing post. It's the ultimate thrill based on safety that has been hard-earned in thousands and thousands of training laps.


SHOEI has launched a revolutionary new helmet that sets brand new active and passive safety benchmarks.


Intensive preparatory work with CAD programs, in the laboratory and in the SHOEI wind tunnel, plus extensive road tests involving our test riders around the globe, resulted in a helmet with an absolutely innovative design.

 The XR-1100 is superior to all previous helmets in every respect.


The brand new QWEST has everything you can expect from a SHOEI, with more than 50 years experience in manufacturing motorcycle helmets and as an inventor of leading edge technology to the industry.

Unrivalled comfort, perfect fit plus the highest quality build construction and SHOEI´s legendary attention to detail.

With an overall weight of only 1400g (+/- 50) at size M and a noise level lower than RAID II by maximum 2.2 db* the QWEST is your perfect companion for every day ride and the grand tour as well.

*Noise level varies depending upon type of motorcycle, riding position, etc.


The new dual-purpose SHOEI Hornet-DS delivers double action!

The Hornet-DS is a SHOEI helmet that is designed for use on all terrains. It unites the advantages of a full face helmet with those of an off road helmet.

That means first-rate enjoyment both on and off the road. SHOEI's Hornet-DS is the perfect symbiosis of design and function.

The removable visor shield doesn't just look fantastic, it also ensures perfect aerodynamics and keeps the rider's face safe from flying dirt on off-road terrain. The wedge-shape design reduces drag especially at high speeds.

It diverts the airstream to the back of the helmet which reduces wind pressure.



For more information call us and speek to a member of the clothing department, or pop in to see us and try on these amazing helmets for your self to see how brilliant they are for your self.