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Peter Starr’s – Take it to the limit – Film Night

Come and Join for a night at the Movies! One Night Only…..

Thursday 20th July at 6.30/7.00pm – Free Admission!!

Jay Leno called him the “Speilberg of motorcycle movies” as well he might, since Peter Starr produced over 40 films about motorcycle racing between 1973 and 1993 – his most famous being the iconic TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT. Peter will visit GT Motorcycles on July 20th to give a private big screen showing of his most awarded movie as a benefit for starr’s current charitable cause – PROSTATE CANCER. Starr was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2004 and presented with the usual conventional treatment options, none of which offered a guaranteed cure, or a future life without the probability of significant side effects such as incontinence and impotence – not to mention the return of cancer. Faced with these options, Starr began to research the disease and the non-conventional options. This lead to the production of a documentary “Surviving Prostate Cancer without Surgery, Drugs or radiation” which aired over many US television stations last year. Now Starr is writing a book “Prostate Cancer – why we get it and what to do about it”. All of which has not stopped Starr from being active in the motorcycle community. Now his 58th year of riding, Starr has ridden in 10 countries in the past 5 years and many of these journeys were chronicled in Motorcyclist Magazine and will become the subject of a future book. Starr believes that nothing, even cancer, should keep a man (or woman) from the driving passion of ones life – in this case, motorcycling. Take a look at this short video synopsis of Starr’s motorcycle life, produced when he was inducted into the Trailblazers Hall of Fame and this promo piece for Take It To The Limit, https://youtube/B8q7JBT9R28 then plan on meeting Peter Starr in person and watching the original directors cut of this amazing multi-award winning movie.

night at the movies take it to the limit


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